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15 January 2022
par Laura-Elena Rolea

Disclaimer: we are currently not promoting Prophet. In the meantime, see the Virgin Bet bonus code

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Use a Prophet referral code when you sign up for this brand new site and discover a better way to cash out. Prophet has revolutionised cashing out – and that can only be good news. Read on to find out more.

What Can I Get With the Prophet Referral Code?

Prophet has only just launched so the final details have not been released. But when a referral code is available you will be able to use it to gain access to this great new way of exchange betting.

Prophet gives you far more control over your betting and gets you much better returns on your cashouts. You will even get better odds if you are the one buying the bets from other customers.

Rather than rely on the cash-out rates provided by the bookmakers, you can sell your cash out bet on an exchange giving you a much bigger return – by up to 50%. If you decide to buy one of these bets you can expect odds 10-20% higher than at a sports betting site.

The prophet is an excellent addition to the betting landscape. And a Prophet referral code will be the perfect way to start.

Prophet Referral Code: Step by Step Guide

Signing up for a brand new customer account at Prophet is very easy. Make sure you have a Prophet referral code ready and follow these simple instructions.

  • First, click on one of the buttons in this review to reveal a Prophet code and begin the registration process
  • You can sign up for a customer account through Facebook or Google – or by entering your details on the registration form
  • You will need to provide your name, email and date of birth – as well as a password to be used as security with your account
  • If you have a Prophet referral code you can enter it in the box provided
  • Lastly, who are your primary bookmaker is and click the register button
  • You will then just have to verify your email and then you can start exchanging your cash out bets

Prophet Bonus Details

If a Prophet referral code offer is announced then there will be the usual industry-standard requirements to meet to make sure you receive the bonus.

As long as you are 18 years or older you can open an account. You will also need to be a resident of Great Britain – and be physically in Great Britain to use the service.

Some future promotions may have their own requirements but as long as you adhere to these two basic rules you should be fine. Remember to keep an eye out for any Prophet referral code to activate any offers and promotions.

Prophet: Other Promotions

The Prophet is so new that there is not a whole load of other promotions available at the moment. Once more customers sign up using the Prophet referral code there will be more chances to exchange bets.

As this is no ordinary sports betting site, the same old promotions and offers are not likely to be available. But as you get more used to the way the operator works there could well be offers launched through the site – giving you even more control over your betting and cashouts.

Prophet Betting Markets

As Prophet is different from standard online sports betting sites, there are not the same kinds of betting markets available. The prophet is exclusively an exchange site where bets can be traded. This means that the only bets available are those that other customer account holders have put on the site.

This does mean that the availability of bets is fluid. If there are not any account holders looking to sell their English Premier League bets, then you will not be able to buy one at Prophet.

But one of the good things about Prophet is that it will always have a good selection of sports and sporting events available. With a bigger and bigger customer account holder base, that selection will only grow.

Prophet has only just launched but there are already a number of bets available to buy – from a variety of leagues and tournaments. The main sports covered at the moment are football, rugby, tennis and American football. Even though Prophet is an American company, it is based in the UK – and football is the most popular sport on the site.

You can buy or sell bets from the English Premier League, Champions League, Serie A, Bundesliga – and many more. Top tennis and rugby events are also covered, as well as the NFL.

As Prophet grows there is bound to be even more of a selection for customers to choose from. The innovative way of sports betting means that the only limit is how far its customers want to go.

Prophet Live Betting

As this is a betting exchange you will find that much of the trading is done while an event is underway. Although there is the possibility of cashing out on bets before the event has even begun, the whole point of this feature is to maximize the potential of a bet while it is in play.

The cashing out feature that Prophet is running works the same as with some of the more conventional sports betting sites. You may not like the way an event is going and decide that by cashing out you will at least leave with some returns. With Prophet, that decision is even more attractive as they almost guarantee that the odds you will be offered – or the amount you will receive – will be more than with one of the sports betting sites.

Betting sites offer their own rates, whereas uses a peer-to-peer community where they promise you will get the actual value of your bet.

This live element to working with your bet is very attractive and Prophet have realised that customers will enjoy this extra level of control over their bets. Using Prophet with your live betting will give you even more freedom – and more of a chance to come away with greater returns.

Prophet Mobile

It is very early days for Prophet but it would be strange if we do not see a dedicated downloadable app before too long. This bookmaker is all about quick betting and cashouts – something that is ideal for mobile devices.

Once the mobile app is launched there will probably be the chance to sign up for an account in the first place as well – using a Prophet referral code of course!

Prophet Payment Options

As Prophet’s whole business is based on the idea of exchanging bets in a live situation, it only follows that its payment options are all quick and easy to use.

The safety and security of your money are of the utmost importance so it is vital that you can trust Prophet. There are a number of payment methods open to customer account holders – and they all have a very quick turnaround on deposits and withdrawals.

For the best results, a Visa debit card is probably the best option. But there are a number of other methods you can use.

  • Paysafecard
  • Rapid Transfer
  • Neteller
  • Skrill

With all these methods your funds will be credited to your account instantly on deposit. There is no charge and you can deposit as little as £10 (£20 with Neteller). The only maximum deposit limits come with Neteller and Skrill at £5000 a day.

When you are withdrawing your money you will usually have to wait 1-2 business days with any of the payment methods. This is completely standard and due to banking security and regulations.

Prophet Customer Service

As there will be many people that will take some time to fully understand what Prophet offers, it is good to know that there is an excellent customer service ethos with this site.

There is a lot of help on the site itself where you can read through the FAQs – or find out more about how this operator works. We think that you will soon get the hang of Prophet once you have signed up for a customer account. But just in case there is something you still need assistance with, you can get into touch with Prophet easily as well.

There is a live chat feature that can be easily accessed – and this may be the best way to get in touch for an instant remedy to any problem. But the help team can also be reached by phone or email. Whichever way you get in touch with Prophet, the help team will endeavour to solve your issue as soon as possible.

Prophet Referral code FAQs

Prophet looks like it will be incredibly simple to use. But as it is a slightly new way of doing things there are bound to be some questions from even the most experienced of sports betting fans.
Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the Prophet referral code.

Is there a Prophet referral code currently available?

No code has been released yet, but it is very early days. We will update you as soon as we hear anything.

Who can claim this referral code offer?

As long as you are 18 years or older and in Great Britain, you can sign up for a customer account and claim any future offer.

Is there a mobile bonus?

We are still awaiting the details of the Prophet mobile app so should know more about a mobile bonus very soon.

Can I claim this bonus in addition to other existing offers?

Once you have signed up for a new account with Prophet you will be able to claim as many offers as you like.


Our Prophet Review
  • Payment Options
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Customer Service
  • Range of Sports Market

Prophet Review

It is difficult to know how well this bookmaker will do at this very early stage – but it seems like it is something that the betting community has been crying out for.

The chance to get a better return from your cash out – up to 50% better – could be very important indeed. Even the chance to get between 10-20% better odds when you buy the cashed out bets sounds like a good enough reason to sign up to us.

Look out for a Prophet referral code to make sure that you can activate any future offers and make the most of this great new site.


  • Wide Selection of Sports and Sporting Events
  • Live Betting
  • Extensive Range of Payment Options
  • Customer Service


  • No Mobile-App
  • Other codes

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